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Von: Dmitry Ermakov
18.11.2011 - I have had 2 coachings with fast-travel and I'm looking forward to having more in the future. Peter started from being relaxed at the bike, which I found extremely useful for me. Before that I was always pushed to go faster into a corner which made me fell tense. The more relaxed I was the better the bike behaved, I was getting confidence and I was faster. Good approach and good fun! Thanks, Peter!
Von: Kevin Bowe
24.08.2007 - Great tour, great hotels, great beer. Lots of corners and a well organised tour. Peter did an excellent job of planning and hosting, while Turi was a valuable asset on the tour too. Will highly recommend, Pete and the crew. Would love to do it all again. Watch those KIWIS - they make you CRAZY!
Von: Martin Laqua
29.05.2007 - Italy 2007 was fantastic. Going down there in May had the advantage of nice weather empty roads good hotels. the landscape and the tourroads proved perfekt. The riding in this tour was a perfect fit for our MV Brutale. Streets, corners, the mountains I could not believe to find this in southern Italy. Peter did a perfect job in planning, organising ans leading the tour. Hannes and his bus makes it even more enjoyable. Good job.
Von: Steve Wadsworth
13.08.2006 - The first of the MV Tours I came on was fantastic. This year's was even better, particularly in terms of organization. Virtually all the details were taken care of. Hotels, meals, the roads: great job, Peter. I'll be back again for more, just as soon as I can manage it.

Von: Rick Bailey
12.08.2006 - This was my fifth year in a row riding the MV tour. I must say I have never been disappointed with a single one of them. The riding is always fantastic. Peter is very organized and always has a different route and wonderful suprises every year. I enjoy the company of my fellow motorcyclists from all over the world and look forward to reuniting with them every year along with some new faces too. Peter is correct when he says " this is not a sightseeing tour". It is for the serious rider who enjoys the adrenalin that comes from riding mile after mile of some of the best twisties in the world. Kinda of like riding the "Dragon" in Tennessee most of the day for 8 or so days in a row!.
This tour is for motorcyclists who enjoy the best of the best and live life to the fullest. I hope to meet you there in the future.
Von: Chris Mullan
11.08.2006 - Hey Peter, another great Tour, some nice surprises (the boat trip barbeque on the lake was awesome), the best company, excellent hotels, roads, beer, and best of all, another chance to do it again in 07. For anyone still 'thinking' about an MV Fast Travel tour, just do it & you'll have the time of your life. Regards, the Kiwi.
Von: Andrew Neaves
22.07.2006 - Swiss Tour '06 (international MV tour) - bigger, better (even) than '04 and '05. If you would enjoy riding an MV on the best roads in Europe in the company of new friends from all over the world, good hotels, good food (and the occasional beer) you owe it to yourself to join us in '07. Fantastic (again), thanks Peter.